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Shanghai Blue Shanghai Blue by Jens Bunge
Chinese folk songs in astonishing new swing versions by great harmonica player Jens Bunge with some of the best Chinese jazz musicians, feat. singer Coco Zhao.
Blue Koi Collective Blue Koi Collective 2008 [JZ Records]
The Blue Koi Collective spans several continents, fusing the cultural heritage and musical vocabulary of their individual personalities. It is music composed on-the-spot, without script or boundaries. The nature of the group can also fluctuate, allowing for visiting artists and new collaborations.

Shanghai Jazz 2 Shanghai Jazz 2
Coming soon!
Zemog Cama Zemog : Cama de la Conga
Gives salsa an almost punkish aggression to match its unstoppable danceability.
Jayuya Jayuya : Jayuya
Imagine if you will... Tito Puente and Devo, locked in a room together with no chance of escape.
Lars Vegas - Nervada Lars Vegas : Nervada
"A study in retro-hip, Lars Vegas mixes Gen-X neuroses and rat-pack suavite into a smooth and sinister cocktail."
-- New York Magazine
Mystics Anonymous Mystics Anonymous by Jeff Steblea
Adult Alternative. R.E.M. crossed with the Dave Matthews Band. Literate and jammy.
Quantum Quartet Quantum Quartet : Simple Songs
Original jazz, focusing on interplay and humor.
Alec Haavik - Saxophones
Jay Vilnai - Guitar
Dave Hertzberg - Bass
Gregory Babb - Drums

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