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Friction Alliance at Tong Le Fang
Date: September 13, 2008

The world premiere performance of this jazz-rock trio from Shanghai, China, at an art festival at Tong Le Fang (The New Factories). A drizzling rain put a damper on the festivities, but didn't stop this band from throwin' down! Alec Haavik on saxophone, Fred Grenade on bass, and Johnny Joseph on drums.

Friction Alliance - Cruise Control

More Than Jazz

Here are some clips of Alec Haavik Friction Five performing on Shanghai TV. This installment of the show "More Than Jazz" profiled Alec and his music, and aired on ICS (International Channel Shanghai) on Feb. 17, 2008. Dig the checkerboard suit!

Beta Tester

Gig Shanghai travels to the JZ Club to see a full-on explosion of instrumentation by Alec and the All-Stars. The original composition, "Beta Tester," is based on the twelve-tone row, a series of pitches which cannot repeat until all are played. As if that wasn't enough, the footage includes Alec's impersonation of his sleeping infant son! Check it out.

Beta Tester

Con Migo (Eddie Palmieri)

Catch Alec with Latin group Rhythm Nation, appearing at the 2004 Spring Drum and Dance Festival in Taipei, Taiwan. The band is co-led by Singer-Guitarist Roberto Zayas and Taiwanese superstar drummer Xiao Bai. This footage was broadcast on national TV in Taiwan.

Roberto Zayas - Vocal and Guitar
Danny Deysher - Trumpet
Alec Haavik - Saxophone
Rick Taira - Bass and Vocals
Xiao Bai - Drums and Vocals
Hong Gui - Percussion

Con Migo

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Instant Death, Part 2

This 4-part video series captures the original incarnation of Alec Haavik's colliding worlds of jazz and rock.

...a jazz performance video series starring: The Alec Haavik Quartet